Donor Reports “Hit Job” On Justice Clarence Thomas

After Justice Clarence Thomas was scrutinized for a potential crime, a wealthy Republican donor invoked in the incident described the controversy as a “political hit job,” according to Newsmax

In early April, the nonprofit ProPublica claimed that Thomas failed to properly disclose the sale of his private property back in 2014 to his friend and wealthy donor, Harlan Crow. Crow reportedly purchased the home and two private lots for $133,363. Legal experts part of the organization are now speculating that his failure to disclose the sale may be a violation of federal disclosure law that requires justices to report such transactions over $1000. 

The purpose of disclosure is to make any conflict of interest clear. Legal expert Virginia Canter is presuming that Thomas’ failure to disclose a sale to a close friend may be because he wants to line his pockets with cash. 

But like Thomas, Crow defended the transaction and is noting the insignificance the matter has to the public. He said that he does not think people actually care about him and that they shouldn’t, according to The Dallas Morning News. He then added that the nonprofit group is funded by leftists who have a goal of targeting the conservative majority Supreme Court. 

Thomas has been the subject of attack over the last year, especially after the draft leak of the opinion in Jackson v. Women’s Health Organization, which asserted that abortion was not a Constitutional right. Thomas, adding to the controversy, has disagreed with Obergefell v. Hodges, which claims that gay marriage is a Constitutional right under the 14th Amendment, and claimed that the Court should revisit its substantive due process precedents. 

Crow defended Thomas, saying that he is a stand-up individual who will not do what is wrong. The home was bought by Crow to allegedly preserve and eventually turn into a museum for Thomas.