Donald Trump’s Phone Records To Be Requested By January 6th Commission

( Far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her extremist, partisan House committee investigating the January 6 riots is demanding access to the phone records of GOP lawmakers, in their latest effort to smear Republicans as supporters of a violent “insurrection.”

After failing to impeach former President Donald Trump on bogus charges, it appears the House Democrats will now stop at nothing.

Not only are the Democrats requesting former President Donald Trump’s phone records, but they’re also demanding access to a group of Republican legislators who are decidedly pro-Trump – just in case you needed any more evidence that this was a fishing expedition designed to smear the former president.

The legislators on the list include Georgia’s Jody Hice and Marjorie Taylor Greene, Pennsylvania’s Scott Perry, Arizona’s Paul Gosar and Biggs, Florida’s Matt Gaetz, Texas’ Louie Gohmert, and Ohio’s Jim Jordan.

Another thing that unites all of these legislators is that they all happened to attend the peaceful rally organized by former President Donald Trump on that day. None of them, however, endorsed the violence that occurred when a group of left-wing and right-wing activists chose to storm the Capitol Building.

This is all just an effort to conflate Trump’s peaceful protest with the violence that occurred at the hands of a small number of misguided people.

After CNN published a report revealing the committee’s plans, a House spokesperson refused to comment.

However, Democratic Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson, who chairs the committee, has previously admitted that they would be looking to uncover the phone records of “quite an exhaustive list of people” and that while he refused to name names, it is a list of “hundreds” of people.


That’s some reach.

If this wasn’t enough to tell you this whole committee is a partisan exercise, consider the fact that pro-Trump Rep. Jim Banks was refused to be seated on the committee by House Speaker Pelosi.