Donald Trump Wins Golf Championship

( In a recent post on Truth Social, former president Donald Trump announced that he had won the Senior Club Championship on Sunday at his Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach County.

Trump celebrated his win by noting that his win provided some insight into his presidential fitness. If he is running against Biden in 2024, and golf is a determining factor, Trump has the vast edge.

Biden is an awful golfer.

Trump said he competed against a number of excellent golfers and struck the ball far and straight. He said that, in a very real sense, it functions as “a physical test, only much harsher.”

Trump remarked. “You need strength and stamina to WIN, and I have both—most people don’t,” he said. To govern, you must have both strength and endurance!

Despite purportedly missing one day of the competition to travel to the burial of his ardent supporter Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway, former president Donald Trump declared victory over “many outstanding players” in the Trump International Golf Club’s Senior Championship. A Trump spokesman said the former President was privileged to go to North Carolina on Saturday to remember Diamond, a wonderful person whose memory will endure.

Trump stated on his social media platform, Truth, “A wonderful pleasure to have won the Senior Club Championship at Trump International Golf Club, one of the top courses in the Country, in Palm Beach County, Florida.”

Reportedly, Trump’s rivals were taken aback when they arrived at the course on Sunday to discover that the former president had seized a five-stroke lead. According to the story, Trump asserted that despite missing the tournament’s first round, a previous round would still count toward his score despite missing the tournament’s first round. A Trump spokesman seemed to confirm the score adjustment.

Trump’s golf skills have come under scrutiny by his detractors. In a book dedicated to how Trump’s alleged adultery was standard for the rest of his personality, sportswriter Rick Reilly ripped the president. (There were anecdotal accusations of cheating and exaggerations in the book.)

Trump was renowned for spending a lot of weekends at his golf clubs when he was president. He often golfed more than President Barack Obama did while in office.