Donald Trump Sends Dire Message To Fox News’ Owner 

( Ex-President Donald Trump lashed out against Fox News mogul Rupert Murdoch as details emerged in the explosive Dominion lawsuit against the network. 

Dominion Voting Systems, which is suing Fox News for defamation and demanding $1.6 billion in damages, has filed documents that indicate damning statements made by Fox News personalities and executives in private in the wake of the election.  

The bombshell document was released on Monday afternoon, and it is packed with new information, including multiple incriminating confessions and remarks from Murdoch. 

Trump joined in on the commenting about the latest filing on Tuesday morning, spewing a slew of common lies about the election while criticizing Murdoch for turning on his anchors, killing his case, and angering Fox viewers in the process. 

Trump said the fact that Murdoch’s betrayal of his anchors will anger his audience, who are fleeing in droves again and will likely do so in the future. 

Trump then went on to urge people to view the documentary “2000 Mules,” which he says shows strong proof of voting fraud and anomalies in the 2020 election. 

He said to consider the widespread ballot stuffing shown in the documentary, the ballots cast without the legislature’s consent, and the current FBI/Twitter Files Controversy.  

“RIGGED!!!” he wrote. 

Trump also said that Fox News portrayal of itself in the case against it is shockingly weak. It would assist them in the case if they disclosed the vast quantities of voting fraud and irregularities already identified, but they are too terrified and frightened to do so. Instead, FoxNews wants to muzzle its anchors and reporters. 

Fox recently declared that Dominion had been forced to reduce its extravagant damages demand by more than $500 million after their expert disproved its preposterous assertions, demonstrating that this action has always been more about what would create headlines than what can survive legal and factual examination. Their attempts to slander FOX for covering and commenting on the beliefs of the President should be seen for what they are: a blatant violation of the First Amendment.