Donald Trump Hailed As “Leader Of The Party” By Top GOP Senator

( Democrats thought that they had defeated President Donald Trump in the last election, but they didn’t.

Republican Senator for Ohio, Rob Portman, said on Sunday during an interview on ABC’s “This Week” that former President Trump is still the leader of the Republican Party, citing his “high popularity” among the party’s base.

Speaking after the former president held a huge rally in Ohio, the senator said that the big turnout proves that the supporters of the GOP still see the former president as the leader of their party.

During the rally, the former president hit out at the multiple failures of the Biden administration and reminded the country about the successes of the Trump administration. He rallied up the GOP base and told the country how important it is for people to vote GOP in next year’s midterm elections.

In the ABC interview, Senator Portman stressed the importance of Republicans focusing on how Trump-era policies “worked” and comparing them to policies pushed by the Biden administration that are “not working now.”

Portman is one of the ten senators who worked with President Joe Biden on establishing a bipartisan infrastructure spending deal that will gain the 60 votes it needs in the Senate to pass. His work on the deal, which President Joe Biden threatened to veto over the weekend if Republicans don’t commit to an even larger spending bill next year, could be one of the last major pieces of legislation he puts forward before he leaves office next year.

In January, he announced that he would not be seeking re-election over concerns of political partisanship. He said at the time how political partisanship is nothing new, but that he believes it has “gotten worse” in the last few decades.

And that’s hard to argue with.

If Democrats continue to push their ultra-partisan agenda, then there’s no telling how bad things will get. And they could be looking at going up against Donald Trump again in the 2024 presidential race.