Donald Trump Endorses Greg Abbott

( On Memorial Day former President Donald Trump released a statement endorsing Greg Abbott in his quest for a third term as Governor of Texas.

Calling Abbott a fighter and a “Great Governor” for the “incredible people of Texas,” Trump touted the Texas Republican for his defense of the second amendment, his record on the economy, and his continuing efforts to secure the southern border.

The former President also praised Abbott for his fight to protect election integrity – an issue of great importance to Mr. Trump.

Late Sunday night, May 30, Democrats staged a walkout in order to temporarily prevent the Texas House from voting on an election integrity bill first passed in the Senate. In response to the ploy, Governor Abbott announced on Memorial Day that he will be calling a special session for later in the year in which both the Election Integrity bill and the Bail Reform bill will be addressed.

Additionally, Abbott tweeted that he would veto Article 10 of the state budget which funds the legislative branch, adding “No pay for those who abandon their responsibilities.”

Naturally Texas Democrats are portraying the election bill as “Jim Crow” and an attack on “democracy.”

But among Texans, the simple measures are broadly supported. More than 80% of Texas voters back photo ID to safeguard elections. The new law requires that same verification be applied to absentee voting as well.

Ultimately the bill is expected to pass. But in the meantime, both state and national Democrats will make the most of the delay by further demonizing election integrity laws as “racist” and an “attack on democracy.”

Abbott is going into the 2022 election from a strong position.

Currently the field of potential Democrat challengers remains a mystery. Former Texas Congressman and short-lived Presidential candidate Robert “Beto” O’Rourke has been coy about whether or not he will jump in to challenge Abbott.

In April, O’Rourke told the Dallas Morning News he was not interested in running for Governor. But in late May it was reported O’Rourke was keeping his options open.

O’Rourke played the same hard-to-get games before officially announcing his short-lived Presidential campaign back in 2019. So to rule him out of the Governor’s race entirely is probably premature.

Actor Matthew McConaughey has also teased the possibility he would run for Governor as a Democrat. Among Texas Democrats, his potential candidacy was met with wild approval.

In 2018, Abbott sailed to reelection defeating Democrat challenger and former Sheriff of Dallas County Lupe Valdez 55.8% to 42.5%.