DOJ Says Mexican National Lied About Abusing Girl For Citizenship

( Federal prosecutors just revealed how a Mexican national successfully obtained American citizenship by lying about his history of sexually abusing an eight-year-old girl in the state of North Carolina.

31-year-old Edgar Daniel Cruz-Magallanes was sentenced to a year of probation after it was revealed he lied about his vile criminal history and will also lose his naturalized citizenship after he pleaded guilty to committing naturalization fraud.

It’s yet another sign that when former President Donald Trump said that Mexico wasn’t sending their best, he was right. Democrats, however, seem to think that blanket amnesties will be a positive thing for the United States. They’re so convinced, in fact, that President Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats proposed sweeping amnesty in the controversial “Build Back Better” plan last year.

Magallanes has been ordered to be deported, but under current Biden administration policy, convicted illegal aliens cannot be arrested and deported. So for now, this pedophile is allowed to remain in the United States.

Prosecutors say that Magallanes obtained citizenship in 2015 after failing to disclose his conviction for sexually abusing a child. As part of the process of becoming a citizen, he was asked the following:

“Were you ever involved in any way with any of the following…forcing, or trying to force, someone to have any kind of sexual contact or relations?”

He responded “no.” Which was a lie, because in June of 2020, he was convicted on three counts of sexually abusing the young child several times between December 2010 and December 2012. The fact that he had not yet been convicted didn’t matter – when he answered “no,” he wrongly claimed that he had never forced or tried to force someone into having sexual relations.

The only reason he got away with it for years is that at the time of his naturalization he had not been arrested yet.

Why do the Democrats ignore these crimes, and why can’t they accept that not all immigrants are good?