Documents Show Children Being Taught Radical Content Regarding Gender

( Parents Defending Education, a parent activist group that opposes the teaching of Critical Race Theory in American schools, just dropped shocking documents that prove how children as young as five years old are being forced to learn about so-called “social justice standards.”

It means that kindergarteners are being taught about “gender identity” and transgenderism.

The documents were published after the group was contacted by concerned parents from West Hartford who said that their young children were being forced to learn about “social emotional learning through an equity lens.” Whatever that means.

One part of the document includes “identity” under a list of “social justice standards.” It then described the learning objective under this category as:

“I know and like who I am and can talk about my family and myself and name some of my group identities.”

It also adds a learning objective that reads:

“I know that all my group identities are part of me-but that I am always ALL me.”

The document then points to books that reflect these topics. In these examples, the document points to a book titled “My Name Is Elizabeth” which is about a young girl who doesn’t like people calling her “Lizzy” or “Beth.”

Another book is titled “Pink Is For boys.” The book is described as follows:

“Pink Is for Boys invites and encourages girls and boys to enjoy what they love to do, whether it’s racing cars and playing baseball, or loving unicorns and dressing up.”

Perhaps one of the most disturbing books, however, is “When Aidan Became a Brother.” The book follows the story of a girl who decides to transition and become a boy because she feels as though she is in the “wrong” body.

“When Aidan was born, everyone thought he was a girl. His parents gave him a pretty name, his room looked like a girl’s room, and he wore clothes that other girls liked wearing,” the book synopsis states.

This is being taught in schools right now.

Click here to see screenshots of these books.