DNC Declares Victory Over Afghanistan

(PresidentialWire.com)- The Democratic National Committee apparently lives in a world of its own, after issuing a press release on Tuesday praising the work done by President Joe Biden in Afghanistan.

The statement came only days before a tragic suicide bomb attack took place outside of Kabul’s international airport, killing more than a dozen American Marines, and a number of other foreign nationals.

How the DNC can consider this withdrawal anything other than catastrophic, we don’t know…

In a statement issued by the DNC “War Room,” they said that President Joe Biden had some how delivered “results” in Afghanistan. They said that he “defied expectations” and “exceeded even his own administration’s goal in successfully ramping up evacuations from Afghanistan.”

So, to be clear, they aren’t praising him for his withdrawal – but for his efforts to rectify the horrific situation that he caused.

The statement added that despite “initial doubts” about Biden’s leadership, they have still managed to evacuated tens of thousands of people. It includes quotes from CNN’s Kate Sullivan, who asked Biden how he planned to evacuate 50,000 people in just two weeks.

Well, Biden managed it – or at least, the Army managed it – and now they’re claiming it’s a victory.

Wouldn’t a victory be a full withdrawal of U.S. troops after all American citizens and allies were successfully evacuated from the country?

The press release didn’t at any point acknowledge the people who have died as a result of Biden’s chaotic withdrawal, nor did it recognize the fact that tens of billions of dollars’ worth of U.S. military equipment were abandoned by U.S. forces in Afghanistan…and have since been taken not just by the Taliban, but by ISIS-K fighters who are refuse to comply with the U.S.-Taliban deal and have since taken dozens of allies’ lives.

How much lower can the DNC stoop?