DNA Evidence Seems To Show Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother

(PresidentialWire.com)- In an exclusive report two weeks ago the Daily Mail revealed that a DNA lab has determined that there is a 99.999998 percent chance that the man Ilhan Omar married to skirt US immigration law was, in fact, her brother.

The report was drawn up by Endeavor DNA Laboratories which, instead of using Ilhan Omar or her second husband Ahmed Elmi’s names, described them only as Sibling 1 and Sibling 2. However the Daily Mail confirmed that “Sibling 1” is Ilhan Omar.

Endeavor’s report said that DNA samples were obtained from Sibling 1’s cigarette butt and from Sibling 2’s drinking straw.

Minneapolis Republican strategist Anton Lazzaro posted the DNA test to his website. Twelve hours later, Lazzaro was arrested on federal sex trafficking charges. On Tuesday August 24, Lazarro was in court where he pleaded not guilty to all ten charges that he paid underage girls for sex. The judge ordered Lazarro to remain in jail until trial.

Armed with the news of Lazarro’s arrest, Ilhan Omar’s spokesman Jeremy Slevin dismissed the DNA report as fraudulent, adding that the website which posted it was “created by a man charged this week with child sex trafficking.”

In its initial exclusive report, the Daily Mail said that a “shadowy Republican group” had plans to release the details of the DNA report “in the next day or two.” It was not clear if this “shadowy” group had any relationship to the disgraced Lazarro.

Meanwhile, the El Paso-based Endeavor refused to comment on the Daily Mail’s report.

Two days after the Daily Mail’s explosive story, the New York Post’s Miranda Devine reported that the FBI knew that Ilhan Omar married her own brother to dodge immigration laws, but they did nothing about it. Instead, the FBI dragged its feet until the statute of limitations ran out on the case.

What’s more, now that the brother in question no longer lives in the US, the government claims that there is nothing they can do about Ilhan Omar breaking the law.

On his Fox show last Thursday, host Tucker Carlson had Miranda Devine on to discuss the ongoing story.

Watch Tucker’s report HERE.