Disney World Set to Reopen…IN JULY!

(PresidentialWire.com)- If you were hoping to enjoy at least some of the summer this year, you might be glad to hear that Disney World is planning to reopen in July. The theme park announced that it would be starting its phased reopening plan across its four theme parks starting in July.

In other good news, SeaWorld Orlando is also planning to reopen its parks even sooner…in June!

On Wednesday, Disney World said they plan on reopening the Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom on July 1. By July 15, they are expecting to have Epcot and the Hollywood Studios ready to go. On the same day, SeaWorld Orlando said that they would open three parks, including the Discovery Cove and Aquatica, by June 11.

What does this mean? Well, it’s good news for the Florida economy as people can finally start enjoying the summer sunshine and making trips to the theme parks where they will spend money and help get the economy kickstarted and moving again.

The theme parks are showing extreme optimism in the progress of reducing the spread of the virus, but their opening still depends on whether they are granted approval. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that the theme parks will need approval from the county before they can officially start reopening.

However, both theme parks have already made strong cases for reopening and getting the local economy moving. They both presented their plans to the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force which consists of several business and community leaders and those plans were approved – which is a good sign the county will sign off on it too.

To help continue the prevention of the spread of the virus, SeaWorld and Disney have said their employees and guests will all have to wear masks. There will also be regular temperature checks to find anyone who is exhibiting symptoms of the Chinese coronavirus while at the park, and social distancing measures will put in place to minimize unnecessary interaction. Guests and employees will even be regularly reminded to wash their hands.

In short, if you go to these theme parks this summer, it might be a weird experience – but at least it’s an experience!

The plans will likely go ahead given that Universal Orlando has already been approved to reopen on June 5, significantly earlier than both of these giant parks.

Who wants to go to Disney World?