DISGUSTING: BLM Support Arrested After Kneeling On Child’s Neck In Photo

(PresidentialWire.com)- An Ohio supporter of Black Lives Matter was arrested this week after a photo surfaced online of him kneeling on the neck of a two-year-old white child. The image shows another person holding the young child’s arms behind his back while the shirtless man kneels. It was posted online with the caption “Blm now mf,” and quickly went viral.

Isaiah Jackson was arrested after police officers investigator the photo and discovered it was him. He was arrested on a probation violation.

The photo is intended to mimic the tragic death of George Floyd, who died when former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck for eight minutes. It’s the death that is still being used by Antifa and Black Lives Matter to justify their violent riots that are still destroying American cities and putting lives in danger.

As soon as police officers were made aware of the image they contacted the mother of the child in the photograph. Clark County Sherriff’s Office confirmed that a subsequent interview with the mother of the child revealed that she didn’t know the photo was taken or what it was of. She was later informed by third parties about the video, meaning it was entirely the doing of Jackson and those helping him take the photo.

Emergency scanner records reveal that “deputies, police, and medics were called to two different addresses” on Tuesday morning in Clark County as part of the ongoing investigation. The child was taken to a local hospital for a full checkup but was thankfully found to be healthy and uninjured by the traumatic event.

The investigation continues and the charges against Jackson have yet to be released. There is also no further information about the identities of the people involved with the photo, though that may come out soon.

Major Chris Clark said that they are “looking into this case” but that it is “still an active investigation.”

“At this point, we are actively looking into it and we are VERY early on into this investigation,” Clark added.