Dick Cheney Reportedly Embarrassed Of Republican Party, His Daughter Says

(PresidentialWire.com)- For some reason, embattled nominal Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney thinks the way to guilt Republicans into abandoning the America First agenda and going back to the bad old Bush days is by invoking the name of her father, Dick Cheney.

Oh, yeah. That’ll work.

During an event hosted by the Aspen Institute last week, Cheney whined that Daddy is “deeply troubled” about the current direction of the Republican party.

Not to state the obvious, but so what?

Republicans turned to Trump thanks to the disastrous policies of the George W. Bush administration, not to mention the failure of the establishment Republicans to stand up against where the Obama administration was taking the country.

If Daddy Dick doesn’t like what happened, perhaps he should look in the mirror.

Of course the most hilarious aspect of this story is the fact that Leftists, who for years have accused Dick Cheney of war crimes, are now celebrating that Dick Cheney is unhappy with the direction of the Republican party.

But that’s pretty much why Liz brought it up. The fact is, Liz Cheney isn’t trying to convince Republicans to move backward to the days of endless wars and domestic surrender. She’s trying to get in good with her new pals in the media and the Democrat caucus.

Republican voters will remain completely unmoved by Daddy Dick’s “deeply troubled” opinion.

In fact, Republican voters are far more “deeply troubled” that someone who claims to be a Republican would willingly turn useful idiot for Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Meanwhile, “deeply troubled” Republicans in Wyoming announced this week that they will no longer recognize Liz Cheney as a member of the Republican Party. The GOP officials from Park and Carbon counties sent a letter to Liz using “the immortal words of the 45 President” – “You’re fired.”

While there are a number of Republicans who hope to challenge Cheney in the 2022 primary, a recent poll showed most voters are coalescing behind America First conservative Darin Smith. In the crowded field, Smith is leading in recent polling with 24% support. Cheney garnered only 19% support among Republicans.