Dianne Feinstein Responds To Health Rumors

(PresidentialWire.com)- Sen. Dianne Feinstein defended herself on Friday in the wake of a story earlier this week quoting numerous Democratic senators and former employees who said she might no longer be mentally competent to serve in the Senate due to chronic memory loss.

The actual question, according to Feinstein, is whether she is still an effective representative for 40 million Californians. She says her record suggests that she is,

Feinstein said she remains dedicated to doing what she promised when she was reelected in 2018 – fighting for Californians, especially on the economy and the crucial concerns of water and fire.
While she has focused on her husband’s health and ultimate passing for much of the past year, she has remained committed to achieving results, and she’d put her record up against anyone’s.
Progressives in the state and elsewhere have recently proposed that Feinstein give up her nearly 30-year control on the seat and allow others in the state party to rise through the ranks.
Feinstein also claims that she led the reauthorization of the bipartisan Violence Against Women Act in the last few months. She secured more direct government funding for her state than any other Democratic senator other than the chairman of the Appropriations Committee. She also secured additional funding to help California prepare for the upcoming wildfire season.
Feinstein’s billionaire husband, Richard Blum, died earlier after a struggle with cancer.
Four senators, a House Democrat, and many former employees were quoted anonymously in the San Francisco Chronicle earlier this week as saying Feinstein’s memory is significantly fading, raising serious concerns about her capacity to rule effectively.

Feinstein recalled a series of awkward social encounters and meetings with senators whose names she couldn’t recall mid-conversation.

The article also stated that it is questionable if Feinstein will be able to carry out her Senate duties without the support of considerable personnel. A staffer is regularly seen accompanying her to and from Senate votes at the Capitol.
For years, rumors about Feinstein’s apparent deterioration have circulated in the Capitol. Barbara Boxer, a former California Democrat senator, remarked in 2021 that “From my standpoint, I’d like people to know that I’ve had a really active year away from the Senate, doing wonderful things. So, consider it “when discussing Feinstein’s desire to remain in office.
Feinstein has stated that she intends to serve out the remainder of her six-year term, which expires in early 2025.