DHS Wants Pentagon To Extend Military Troop Deployment To Border

(PresidentialWire.com)- The Department of Homeland Security is reportedly taking action at the U.S. border…but it’s not a matter of ensuring people are promptly returned to Mexico after illegally crossing the border. The Hill revealed this week that Homeland Security is asking members of the military to stay at the border beyond the September 30 date that they were expected to leave so that they can continue to assist in efforts to process aliens arriving at the border.

Some 4,000 members of the National Guard are already stationed at the southern border. It’s part of a mission that started in late 2018 and which was due to end in October, and which has since become an effort to accommodate and handle the massive influx of aliens that has occurred since President Joe Biden entered the White House.

In April alone, roughly 180,000 illegal aliens have been apprehended at the border. And that’s not even counting the ones that successfully escaped the authorities.

John Kirby, the Pentagon Press Secretary, refused to confirm on Wednesday whether defense officials were considering using active-duty U.S. troops to assist at the border. He said that they were “aware of the request” and that it is “going through analysis,” adding that he would now speculate on the answer to the request. Kirby also refused to say how many troops exactly had been requested by the Department of Homeland Security.

As we mentioned earlier, thousands of troops were originally ordered to the border by former President Donald Trump to handle the influx of illegal aliens. Combined with the border wall and policies designed to discourage people from entering the United States in the first place, President Trump got the crisis under control – despite regular claims he was a “racist” from Democrats including Joe Biden.

It’s not clear how President Biden will try and escape criticism for using a tried-and-tested method used under the Trump administration to secure the borders. Maybe he’ll have to admit Trump was right…