DeSantis Tears Into Dr. Fauci’s For His Secrecy And Sneaking Around

( When it comes to gauging who had the more successful approach to the COVID Pandemic, there is no question Florida Governor Ron DeSantis outperformed media darling Dr. Anthony Fauci by a mile.

While Fauci’s ever-shifting guidelines were often contradictory and lacked any measured balance between public health and economic stability, DeSantis remained consistent – balancing public health with protecting and preserving Florida’s long-term economic viability.

As Andrew Cuomo was sending thousands of seniors to their death in New York nursing homes, Fauci sang his praises, saying of New York’s disastrous COVID response, “They did it correctly.”

But for DeSantis, Fauci had nothing by angry criticism. In the emails recently released by Buzzfeed, Dr. Fauci wrote that he had been “screaming at the TV” two to five times a night over young people going to the Florida bars and beaches, adding he is surprised DeSantis has not “completely closed the bars, even if they serve food.” Fauci went on to say he would get the White House task force to pressure DeSantis to comply with his demands.

Fauci’s elevation of Cuomo and criticism of DeSantis did not go unnoticed. Last August, Senator Rand Paul tweeted that, given Florida’s infection rate is the same as New York’s, but with a death rate five times less per capita, when will Fauci be praising DeSantis for his response to the pandemic.

Rand Paul is not doubt still waiting for that praise.

In an interview last week with the Daily Caller’s Mary Margaret Olohan, Ron DeSantis ripped into Fauci over his handling of the pandemic and the revelations from the release of his emails.

In the interview, DeSantis said the lab-leak theory must be investigated and that there is “no other really strong explanation” for how COVID began.

DeSantis also questions the motives behind why Fauci and others did not want the lab leak theory tested or investigated at the time – suggesting that it was possibly to cover-up US money being used in the funding of this research.

Watch the full interview: