DeSantis Calls $450K Payments To Illegal Immigrants “A Slap In The Face” To Americans, Claims Florida Will Fight Back (VIDEO)

( During a recent press conference, popular Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis slammed President Joe Biden and his administration for reportedly considering payments of up to $450,000 for every individual who illegally crossed the United States border from Mexico and were separated from their family members as a result under the Biden administration.

DeSantis said that he is “very, very concerned” about the recent reports about the Biden administration preparing to reward people who broke the law.

“I think it was in the Wall Street Journal that the Biden administration is going to pay with tax dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars to people who came to our country illegally across the southern border as quote damages,” he said.

And while President Joe Biden was directly asked about the report and laughed about it, claiming it was untrue, White House press briefings since then have made it clear that the president was only dismissing the exact $450,000 figure. He has not dismissed reports that they may be preparing to compensate people who file lawsuits against the U.S. government for separating them from their family members at the border.

For context, the process of separating people at the border is performed to ensure that children are not being trafficked. It is generally impossible to know whether people who arrive at the border are related, and in many instances, young people are being brought over the border by gangs of coyotes and human traffickers.

Democrats, however, refuse to acknowledge this.

In the press conference, DeSantis noted how unfair it is for average Americans to be forced to pay more for groceries and gas, while illegal aliens who broke the law the moment that they arrived in the United States could be rewarded for doing so.

This is exactly the kind of thing that makes DeSantis such a popular governor – and why the Democratic Governors Association is reportedly considering slashing funding for the Florida gubernatorial race next year.