Democrats Unveil Bill To Axe Donald Trump’s House Speaker Idea

( Democrats seem to be terrified at the prospect of former President Donald Trump becoming the next Speaker of the House of Representatives, and ultimately being reinstated a President of the United States by impeaching President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

On Monday, Democratic Rep. Brendan Boyle of Pennsylvania introduced legislation that would require the Speaker of the House to be an elected member of the House of Representatives, effectively blocking former President Trump of taking up the position if the Republicans take back control of the House next year.

Constitutionally, the House Speaker is not required to be a member of the House – however, it is generally considered to be important and no unelected person has ever assumed the position.

Talk of President Biden and Vice President Harris being impeached is increasing as the results of Arizona’s forensic election audit are expected to be released in the coming weeks. If audits also take place in Georgia and Pennsylvania, it could reveal fraud and misconduct that dramatically altered the results of last year’s election.

Rep. Boyle made it pretty clear that the entire reason for introducing the legislation is concern that former President Donald Trump may take the position, saying that even the fact that Trump’s name has been considered should “serve as an alarm bell” that the current requirements should be changed. He claimed it is in the interests of “protecting our nation and our democracy,” which is interesting, as Boyle has yet to offer his support of forensic election audits that would guarantee the safety and security of America’s elections.

It’s almost as though Democrats don’t really care about democracy at all…

President Donald Trump was asked about the possibility of becoming the next Speaker of the House last month during a radio interview. He told host Wayne Allyn Root that it was an “Interesting” idea, but has since dismissed the idea.

If Biden and Harris were impeached if and when fraud in last year’s election is proven, however, then allowing Trump to become the president by being third in the line of presidential succession could ultimately prove an important constitutional tool.