Democrats Reportedly Consider Pulling Out Of Challenging DeSantis In Elections Altogether

( Politico reported recently that popular Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is doing so well in the state that the Democratic Governors Association believes that it isn’t worth investing substantial sums of money in the gubernatorial election next year.

According to two anonymous Florida Democrat consultations, the Democratic Party is rapidly losing support in Florida – a state that was for a long time considered a battleground state in gubernatorial and federal elections. Now, the state has become one of the most staunchly Republican and pro-freedom regions in the country, and Democrats don’t think that they can win there anymore.

Over the last two governor races, Florida Democrats have spent more than $15 million – and with no meaningful returns, the party is reportedly considering cuttings its losses and spending that money in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania where their candidates are at risk of losing to Republicans.

Jonathan Ducote, one Democratic consultant who chose not to speak anonymously, told Politico that he thinks the Democratic Governors Association is “playing mostly defense this year” and that it is a “monumental change.”

“When I think about Florida statewide elections, the number one thing you have to ask yourself is do you have the money to communicate in a really expensive state?” Ducote said.

And given the huge amount of support DeSantis has not just from the people of Florida but from the Republican Party itself – and the fact that DeSantis is already sitting on piles of cash for his re-election campaign – it seems hard to imagine that the Democrats would really be able to put up a solid challenge next year.

The last election was close, but this time, DeSantis is expected to win easily.