Democrats Not Happy Despite Biden’s So-Called “Victory”

( Democrats had been banking on Biden getting a boost from the infrastructure bill passing. But even now, the president remains firmly underwater.

Quinnipiac’s poll released on Thursday has Joe Biden at a grim 38 percent approval with 53 percent disapproving – putting him 15 points underwater. Rasmussen’s Thursday poll had Joe Biden 18 points underwater, with 59 percent disapproval and 41 percent approval.

Part of the public distrust surrounds the Democrats’ continued push for the widely unpopular “Build Back Better” spending bill.

And that lack of public trust was only complicated further when, during Monday’s Infrastructure signing ceremony/victory lap, President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi all urged Congress to pass the unpopular bill.

Pelosi attempted to force through a vote on the bill Thursday but failed after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy filibustered for hours.

The long-awaited CBO scoring released Thursday showed that, contrary to President Biden’s magical claim that this massive bill would add zero to the debt, the bill is far from “paid for.”

Even if Pelosi succeeds in bringing the skittish moderate members of her caucus in line and the House passes the bill, it still faces strong headwinds from Senator Joe Manchin when it reaches the Senate.

A new poll out of West Virginia shows Joe Biden with a miserable 32 percent approval while Joe Manchin holds a resounding 60 percent approval. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of West Virginians want Manchin to hold his ground on opposing the unpopular “Build Back Better” plan.

The Democrats will press ahead on the unpopular bill mostly because they have no choice. They know they are on the cusp of a blistering defeat in next year’s midterms and their current grip on the majority has a looming expiration date. For the Democrats, it is now or never.

But if they manage to ram it through, the increased spending, on top of the trillions Congress has already borrowed over the last year, will drive inflation and consumer prices even higher. And, in turn, drive Joe Biden’s polling even lower.