Democrats Launch Spy Scheme Targeting Top Republicans Over January 6th

( As House Democrats attempt to compel the National Archives and the federal government to hand over private communications between former President Donald Trump and various members of Congress and aides, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is hitting back.

The California congressman issued a statement after the January 6 Committee – Nancy Pelosi’s hyper-partisan committee dedicated to smearing Republicans and the former president as inciters of “insurrection” – slamming the request and describing how it would put the United States on track to become a full surveillance state.

The committee isn’t just requesting private information from the government but is also attempting to force private companies that handle communication data to hand this information over, which would be a violation of various policies of their own and even federal laws.

McCarthy described the efforts as an attempt to “strong-arm” private companies into handing over personal data, and said that it puts every single American with a computer or a phone in the crosshairs of the new Democrat-run surveillance state.

McCarthy added that if any of these companies comply with the Democrats’ order to violate the privacy of free Americans, they would be violating the law and could lose their ability to operate in the United States.

He also threatened that a Republican majority – a very real possibility in the 2022 midterms – “will not forget.”