Democrats Just Legalized Transmitting HIV

( Democrats seem to be obsessed with the idea of allowing people to willfully and knowingly transmit deadly diseases to one another. While their party encourages people to wear masks and socially distance, even among those who are fully vaccinated or not vulnerable to COVID-19, they are at the same time enacting legislation that allows people to transmit HIV to other people without facing any consequences.

On Tuesday, Democrat Governor of Illinois J.N. Pritzker signed new laws that create “gender-neutral” marriage certificates and decriminalize knowingly transmitting HIV to somebody who is unaware that they are at risk of contracting the disease.

A press release from the governor’s office claimed that the law was part of a wider effort to “end HIV,” stating that the legislation (HB 1036) “modernized the approach to public health regarding HIV” but decriminalizing its transmission.

How, exactly, can Illinois end HIV by making it legal for people to knowingly transmit it to other people?

The press release describes how HB 1036 amends the Unified Code of Corrections to get rid of the State Attorney’s right to request results of an HIV test if it’s relevant in the prosecution of somebody charged with transmitting HIV to another person.

The law will also make changes to the AIDS Confidentiality Act, meaning that the disclosure of any information related to HIV cannot be released.

Incredibly, Democrats seem to be pretty united behind the extremist measure. Democrat State Rep. Carol Ammons said that there isn’t a single study that proves that criminalizing HIV improves public safety.


The problem? HIV wasn’t criminalized. The transmission of HIV from one person to another, when that person knows they have it, was criminalized.

Why do Democrats want to make it easier for some sick people to not tell their sexual partners that they have the disease, only to pass it on and hurt more people?