Democrats Intend To Use January 6th As Secret Weapon For 2022

( It was clear from the speeches given that the goal of turning the anniversary of January 6 into a day-long campaign rally was to give the Democrats the opportunity to both portray their political opponents as “insurrectionists” and to justify Congress nullifying state election laws.

President Biden used his address to attack President Trump and anyone who dares to question the results of the 2020 election and attack Republicans as opposing “democracy.”

Vice President Kamala Harris didn’t beat around the bush. In her brief speech, Harris concluded that the 3-hour riot on January 6 proves the need for Congress to pass their ridiculous “voting rights” legislation.

“Let’s be clear,” Kamala concluded. “We must pass the voting rights bills that are now before the Senate.”

Subtlety was never Kamala Harris’ strong suit.

But this was the gist of last Thursday’s campaign event. To prevent “domestic terrorists” from launching an “Insurrection” to “overthrow our democracy,” the Federal government must seize the constitutional authority granted to each state and dictate election laws from Washington. And anyone who dares to question the legitimacy of an election is a “threat to democracy.”

The other argument Democrats are trying to make by focusing exclusively on January 6 is that Republican lawmakers were “complicit” in the “insurrection” by objecting to states’ electors.

This is why the anniversary of January 6 wasn’t a “commemoration,” so much as it was a Democrat campaign event. They hope to win in the Midterms by portraying their political opposition as a “threat to democracy.”

In fact, whenever they can use January 6 for their political ends, they will.

They’ll claim that we must end the filibuster to protect “our democracy” from those who want to “undermine” it.

It isn’t a coincidence that the January 6 select committee is planning to launch its public hearings in the heat of the Midterm primary season.

They will try to exploit a 3-hour riot in the same way they exploited the COVID pandemic in 2020.

It is entirely political, deeply cynical, and thoroughly dishonest.

But Americans don’t care about a 3-hour riot from over a year ago. They have more pressing problems like rising consumer prices, persistent inflation, and the bungling COVID response.

And while the histrionics will play well among the American corporate news media, out here in the real world, voters won’t be so easily misled.