Democrats Fantasize About Supreme Court Justice Kamala

( How about this for a totally insane idea?

The UK Daily Telegraph reported this week that rumor has it, some Democrats are so desperate to find a successor to Joe Biden who isn’t universally despised, that they are floating the idea of having old Joe nominate Kamala Harris to the US Supreme Court just to keep her out of play in 2024. Then, with Kamala neutralized, Joe can get a more likable VP who can then run to replace Joe in the next election.

Stop laughing!

Okay, no. Go ahead and laugh. It’s an absolutely ridiculous idea.

But it does show just how desperate and panicked the Democrats are over Joe being saddled with such an unpopular VP.

Replacing Kamala Harris isn’t a new idea. It’s been floating around Washington since the summer. It picked up quite a bit of steam after Politico published a report in late June on how dysfunctional Kamala’s office was.

But with Biden’s approval rating continuing to drop and Kamala’s resting at an uncomfortable 28 percent, chances are the “Let’s send Kamala to the Supreme Court” idea isn’t even the craziest one out there.

Operation Nominate Kamala to SCOTUS was first reported by CNN. And while CNN called it an “Aaron Sorkin-style rumor,” the report did say the “chatter has already reached top levels of the Biden orbit.”

That’s not entirely surprising. The Biden orbit isn’t made up of what anyone would describe as the smartest people.

Imagine the scenario and you can see a major fly in the ointment. First, you’d need a vacancy on the Supreme Court. There isn’t one. On the outside chance that Biden could convince Justice Stephen Breyer to retire, he’d have to do it before the 2022 Midterm election. If by some miracle that happens and Biden nominates Kamala to replace him, the US Senate is currently split 50/50. The tie-breaking vote is cast by the Vice President. But the SCOTUS nominee is the Vice President. See the problem? Kamala won’t be able to cast the deciding vote on her own nomination to the Supreme Court.

But getting rid of Kamala Harris as Vice President isn’t going to right this sinking ship any more than tossing the piano overboard would have saved the Titanic.