Democrats Are Buying Ads Pushing Fake News Ahead Of Election

( The “fate of our democracy” is in the balance, according to Democrats running for office. They maintain that one of the biggest challenges to the republic’s survival is “misinformation.” Additionally, Democratic billionaires are investing tens of millions of dollars in creating fake news outlets to influence unsuspecting people to “fix” the purported information crisis. But it is all an effort to maintain their political power.

Throughout the previous few election cycles, the Left has perfected a sophisticated form of “pink slime” propaganda. They pass off partisan advertising as “news” from reliable local periodicals.

To create articles that criticize Republicans in competitive races, partisan Democratic operatives have used former liberal journalists. These articles are then surrounded by non-political material to make it seem like a legit periodical. This propaganda is being distributed to voters online and through numerous digital media. Many of these shady information operations are funded by the most prominent names in the Democratic donor community, including George Soros and Reid Hoffman.

David Brock, a longtime liberal hitman, and Tara McGowan, a former campaign’s digital staff member, are two of the most renowned agitprop creators. Both operatives put into reality the very things they criticize. McGowan asserts that her work involves combating disinformation, whereas Brock laments that “misinformation is an existential threat to democracy.”

In reality, Brock’s American Independent conglomerate, which includes multiple state-level variations, is everything but independent. An alleged $28 million budget supports his fierce political network. It has affiliated businesses in Arizona, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, which are always crucial battleground states. The physical propaganda of The Independent even has a crossword puzzle and has the appearance of a local newspaper. The Independent’s Pennsylvania edition has a circulation of 953,000, according to The Washington Post, making it the most widely read newspaper in the Keystone State. Because they violated Facebook’s advertising policies, many of their stories promoted in Pennsylvania and Arizona have been taken down.

McGowan’s Courier Newsroom constellation consists of locally branded publications in eight battleground states: Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Virginia. In a leaked memo, McGowan clarified that her goal was to win elections.

The next time you hear Democrats crow about the threat of “misinformation,” ask them how concerned they are with their party’s fake news “publications.”