Democrat Who Streamed Lewd Acts Plays Victim Card

A Virginia Democrat who uploaded videos of sexual encounters with her husband to the internet has complained that Republicans invaded her privacy when they exposed the clips. Former Virginia House of Delegates candidate Susanna Gibson griped to Politico about Republican exposure of the videos prior to her failed election bid earlier this year and said, “It is a feeling that I would not wish on my worst enemy.”

The Washington Post broke the story in September and revealed that Gibson and her husband posted dozens of intimate clips on a site called Chaturbate in September 2022 after she entered the election race for delegates. She claimed at the time that she had been the victim of “an illegal invasion of my privacy designed to humiliate me and my family.”

The Democrat told Politico, in a recent interview, that her “entire life was rocked” when the story was published and said her GOP rivals had “found these videos on the dark web and shopped them around to various news outlets.”

The 40-year-old nurse practitioner, who ran for the Richmond-area seat in the House of Delegates, said it took her two weeks to return to normal after the story broke and complained that reporters had camped outside her house for days, prompting her to leave her home to “get them to go away and leave my children and my family alone.” She also said she hired an attorney because she “never acknowledged or consented to videos being recorded.”

Ms. Gibson argued that the couple had intended only to stream live, not for recordings to be kept and distributed.

According to the Daily Mail, however, the platform warns users that the spread of content cannot be controlled, and there is a possibility that some users will record videos.

Gibson eventually lost the election to Republican businessman David Owen by less than 1,000 votes and concluded that “Voters didn’t care” about her online exploits.