Democrat Volunteer Worker Stabbed In New York City

( Eric Adams, one of the Democrat candidates for Mayor of New York City, is the only one running in the primary to make the city’s rising violence an issue in his campaign. And over the weekend, that rising violence hit the Eric Adams campaign directly.

On Sunday afternoon, while canvassing in the South Bronx, an Eric Adams campaign volunteer was repeatedly stabbed with an ice pick.

The 42-year-old campaign worker was stabbed four times just before four o’clock in an attack caught on a nearby surveillance cameras. As he was shaking hands with a potential voter, a suspect in a white T-shirt came up from behind and stabbed the victim. He then continued stabbing him after the campaign worker fell to the ground.

Adams was speaking at a separate event nearby when he announced that one of his volunteers had been rushed to the hospital.

Though the attack occurred outside of his campaign office in the borough, Adams is unsure if it was politically-motivated.

From surveillance video, the attacker was not alone, but was with a second suspect. After the attack both the icepick and a knife were found on the ground, though it is unclear who the knife belonged to.

According to law enforcement sources who spoke with the New York Post on Sunday, the victim refused to answer questions from detectives – including whether or not he was, in fact, a campaign worker for Adams.

The victim, who himself has nearly fifty prior arrests, underwent surgery for a punctured lung and was listed in stable condition Sunday night.

Adams was aware of the volunteer’s criminal record. He said the campaign worker told him he had turned his life around and had not gotten in trouble with the law for several years.

“We didn’t vet him,” Adams explained because he was not a paid staffer. Adams learned of his past record because the campaign worker told Adams about his past. “He came off the streets,” Adams added, “and he wanted to help.”

On Monday Adams said that he would visit the hospital a second time to try and convince the victim to cooperate with the investigation.