Democrat Offices Remain Closed Due to Pandemic

( For several weeks now, reporters from the Washington Free Beacon and their sources nationwide have been tracking the local offices of Democrat lawmakers to see if they have reopened since being closed down at the start of the COVID pandemic lockdowns. And a surprising number of Democrat state and district offices remain closed over two years later.

According to the Free Beacon, dozens of DC Democrats have yet to reopen their state and district offices despite the lockdowns being long over.

In a way, this isn’t surprising.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi keeps extending the pandemic-era “temporary” proxy voting rule allowing members of the House to vote on legislation even when they don’t show up.

But it is rather galling that lawmakers, who get taxpayer funding for maintaining state and district offices, still can’t be bothered to reopen those offices to the voters they’re supposed to represent.

According to the Free Beacon last Friday, at least eight Democrat Senators and over two dozen House Democrats have still not reopened their local offices. Instead, their constituents are greeted by signs on the doors letting them know the offices are closed due to the pandemic.

Some of the signs instruct citizens to call the office to make an appointment.

To add insult to injury, some of the Democrats whose offices are closed are routinely holding in-person campaign events and fundraisers for the upcoming November midterm election.

Last month, New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan, who is up for reelection, held an indoor campaign event with New Hampshire Democrat Congressman Chris Pappas. Maggie’s New Hampshire office, however, is closed “to promote continued social distancing and safety for constituents.” Pappas’ office is also closed.

Closed or opened, these Democrat lawmakers still have to pay the monthly rent on their offices. And that money comes from the American taxpayers.

The Free Beacon report is infuriating. At the same time, some of the Democrats have been shamed into reopening their offices, thanks in large part to the Free Beacon’s persistent reporting.

Read the most recent Free Beacon report HERE.