Democrat Megadonor Addresses Post-Debate Situation, Way Ahead

During his recent speech at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Hollywood’s Ari Emanuel, a Democrat megadonor, discussed the Democrats’ present predicament with President Joe Biden.

Emanuel’s voice quivered at times as he expressed his anger at Biden, his staff, and the press for keeping the public in the dark for so long.

Given that the Democrats have already put so much of the electoral machinery into action, he is also quite realistic about their prospects of removing Joe Biden from the ticket. He accurately notes the gravity of the legal concerns.

He expressed his anger at the founding fathers. Although they did not provide an end date, they did give a start date of age 35. 

Emanuel is the sibling of Rahm Emanuel, who has held positions such as the mayor of Chicago, the Presidential Chief of Staff, and the U.S. Ambassador to Japan. Another brother is Ezekiel Emanuel, who is known for being an American oncologist and bioethicist. 

As stated in the Hastings Center Report from November-December 1996, Ezekiel Emanuel advocates for using “communitarianism” as a guiding principle in determining who receives healthcare. He argues that medical treatment should be exclusively allocated to those without disabilities rather than provided to people who are permanently unable to actively engage in society. He believes there should be no healthcare services for those suffering from dementia.   

The level of trepidation and alarm shown by individuals like Ari Emanuel is quite remarkable. He is well aware of the gravity of this issue for Democrats. There is no simple solution.

Billionaire hedge fund investor and prominent Democrat Party contributor Bill Ackman has also strongly criticized the Democrat Party and mainstream media sources for disseminating false information and deceiving the nation over Joe Biden’s physical and mental well-being.

The mainstream media, the White House,  and even Biden’s doctors have always supported Biden, affirming his excellent health and suitability for office despite his evident physical challenges.

According to Dr. Kevin O’Connor, who assessed the 81-year-old President, he is in good physical condition and is able to fulfill all of his duties without any exceptions or special arrangements.