Democrat Leaders Accused Of Violating Federal Law In Latest Probe

( In a lawsuit filed by Government Accountability & Oversight, on behalf of conservative talk show host Rob Schilling, the House Democrats were accused of violating federal law as well as congressional rules when using private donations to pay for staff who were working on an investigation into American oil companies.

The 33-page filing requests documents and records from Democratic legislators sitting on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform as they continue their investigation into allegations that big oil companies have spread so-called “misinformation” about global warming.

Schilling’s attorneys argue that Congressional Democrats violated the law by using outside funds to pay for staff who are working on the Committee’s investigation. In response, he is seeking to access records that relate to the use of outside private donations to conduct activities for a congressional office.

House Democrats, however, deny any wrongdoing. One spokesperson claimed that they have followed all laws and rules in a statement to the Daily Signal.

Co-Equal, a nonprofit organization that was also named in the suit, denies any involvement with the investigation of these oil companies. It’s an organization that was founded by two former House Democrat staffers who once headed up the investigations and hearings into the tobacco industries. The organization also survives off dark money coming from left-wing group Arabella Advisors and is said to also receive money from George Soros.

Schilling said that the case is more a matter of scapegoating Congress’ failure to persuade the public about their climate change agenda.

“But members of Congress are getting ever bolder about confessing the true purpose here is not legitimate legislative inquiry,” he added.

We’ll report back with more progress in this suit.