Democrat Governor Stripped Of Powers

( Voters in Pennsylvania just restricted the power of their own governor in two ballots on Tuesday. The decision follows a year of strict regulations and intervention from Governor Tom Wolf, one of the highest-profile Democrats in the country, in the name of protecting people from the COVID-19 virus.

People have had enough.

Pennsylvania voters became the first in the country to impose new restrictions on their governor’s authority during a “disaster declaration,” requiring that a simple majority of lawmakers in the state to end an emergency disaster ruling. It would mean that the state’s governor cannot simply declare a disaster and continue to use the emergency powers that come with it for an undetermined period of time.

Voters also decided to limit the length of a disaster declaration to 21 days, rather than 90 days. Under the new rule, the legislature would be given the power to extend that emergency order after 21 days, meaning the governor cannot unilaterally extend his or her powers.

These all sound like sensible provisions…and it makes you wonder why they weren’t in place already.

Reports suggest that the decision was powered mostly by Republican voters who turned out in opposition to the COVID lockdowns and the overreach from state leaders. Republican State Senator Scott Martin who assisted in authoring the new amendments celebrated the decision by his state’s voters and said that adopting the constitutional amendments would start the process of restoring checks and balances to the state’s government.

“Residents of this Commonwealth knew that a yes vote meant a return to communication, collaboration and transparency in the handling of future emergencies,” he said.

Rep. Seth Grove, the chairman of Pennsylvania’s House State Committee, also reiterated the importance of establishing the new checks and balances.

If Pennsylvania did it, similar rules could be on the way in other states with Democrat governors.

Or perhaps those governors may be soon voted out…