Democrat Attorney General Admits His “Woke” Policies Aren’t Working 

( Many liberal politicians started to institute various “woke” policies in recent years in an attempt to try to please everybody at all times.  

Now, one of those prominent politicians is saying that those policies simply aren’t working. 

Aaron Ford, who serves as the attorney general of Nevada, has publicly condemned “woke” policies in the state that he played a large part in implementing. He fought a lot to make it tougher to put thieves in jail, for example, but he’s admitting now that this and other policies like it aren’t working as they had hoped. 

Back in 2019, Ford testified to support a law that ultimately prevented the state’s prosecutors from being more aggressive toward certain types of criminals. The idea was that these people didn’t need to be put behind bars, and that other initiatives and policies would help solve the problem and fix whatever it is these perpetrators are going through. 

But, after realizing that crime in Nevada has been skyrocketing recently, Ford presented a new bill that would give his office the power to “investigate and prosecute organized retail theft crimes.” He called the new proposal “necessary” because of where the state is today in relation to crime. 

Since the state’s various “woke” policies took effect, crime has been on a consistent increase. Just since the policies that Ford helped implement have gone into effect, property crimes have increased by 15%, and thefts from drug stores increased 39%. And those spikes in crime were seen just along the famous Las Vegas Strip. 

Many progressive district attorneys and attorneys general started to push “woke” agendas over the last few years. While they touted these policies as revolutionary for fighting crime, as they would work on supporting community projects that help support people in avoiding a life of crime, they simply haven’t worked at all. 

It’s been almost five years since this trend has been happening across the country, and research has proven – once again – that it’s never a good idea to have a soft approach to crime.  

Many of these progressive politicians had their campaigns funded by the billionaire Democratic donor George Soros, and nearly all of those politicians are realizing what a massive mistake their “woke” policies have been in terms of creating safe communities. 

While many voters would likely support some type of law enforcement reform, a large majority are not in favor of the drastic, ultra-progressive reforms that many of these liberal politicians have suggested and even implemented. 

In fact, in many of the places where these policies have actually been signed into law, they’ve had the direct opposite effect – crime has risen instead of dropped. Voters almost always side with candidates who are tough on crime, not those who are soft on it, even in very liberal cities. 

In Chicago, for instance, Mayor Lori Lightfoot was infamously soft on crime, and she lost her re-election bid this year in overwhelming fashion.