Dem-Run LA Ignored 25,000 ICE Requests To Turn Over ILLEGALS Arrested For Various Crimes

( Democrat-run Los Angeles has reportedly ignored more than 25,000 requests from federal agents at ICE to turn over illegal aliens who have been arrested for various crimes. Reports suggest that prison officials were ordered to refuse to cooperate with federal agents, in part of a wider pushback against President Donald Trump’s agenda to clamp down on illegal immigrants.

The Washington Examiner, by reviewing federal data, found around 25,000 unanswered requests from Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to jails in Los Angeles, to turn over illegal aliens who have been arrested for crimes unrelated to their immigration status. Los Angeles happens to be home to the biggest jail system in all of the United States, and it’s also a sanctuary city. That means illegal immigrants in the United States can live and work there with less fear that they’ll be deported…because local officials refuse to cooperate with federal agencies on the matter.

Isn’t it incredible that we have Democrat-run states and cities that aid and assist illegal aliens – who are, by nature, criminals – and protect them from the feds?

On April 24, Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced that the city would stop handing over criminal illegal aliens over to the federal authorities, even if they commit additional crimes. Villanueva claimed that the threat of being deported was stopping illegal immigrants from reporting crimes in the city.

Then, in August, Villanueva said that the moratorium would be made permanent.

“There is no greater threat to public safety than a million undocumented immigrants who are afraid to report crime, out of fear of deportation and having their families torn apart,” the sheriff said. “As the Sheriff of Los Angeles County, I am responsible for everyone’s public safety, regardless of immigration status.”

Not really. Your job is to protect people from criminals, and every single illegal alien is a criminal.

“I will not allow an entire segment of the population to be afraid to report crimes to law enforcement and be forced, again, back into the shadows,” he said.

So what about people who want to report illegal aliens who commit a crime? Does this mean that illegal aliens now have a free pass to commit crime in Los Angeles?

It sounds like it…