De Blasio About To Put NYC BACK Into Lockdown, With New Regional Push

( Democratic Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, is preparing to put certain regions of New York City back into full lockdown. On Sunday, the mayor said he wanted to bring back the same kind of strict measures that were implemented back in March, with a view to driving down the infection rate in the Big Apple.

During a conference call, De Blasio reportedly said that New York City has an “extraordinary problem” to the extent that they “haven’t seen since spring.”

“Today, unfortunately, is not a day for celebration,” de Blasio said. “Today is a more difficult day.”

The new plans would see nine neighborhoods in the city – specifically, in Brooklyn and Queens – being put back into lockdown as of Wednesday. The regions, which have been deemed hotspots for COVID-19, will see all non-essential businesses shut down. The tragic decision comes as many restaurants and cafes in the city were finally given approval to once again allow indoor dining.

Public and private schools will also be shut down, with the new lockdown measures affecting roughly half a million people.

De Blasio also said, however, that to implement the fresh round of lockdowns he would need the “support and approval of the state.” City officials have since engaged in “intensive” discussions on the topic with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

A press release listed the exact zip codes that will be affected by the lockdown, spanning Rockland, Orange, Kings, and Queens counties.

On top of the zip codes that may soon be put into lockdown, a further 11 neighborhoods in the city are being put on a “watch list” over the rising infection rate. Those neighborhoods may soon see gyms and pools closed down, and indoor dining once again restricted. It would likely force many restaurants and cafes to close as outdoor dining because near impossible as the weather gets colder.

“The 11 zip codes could end up going into full lockdown, like the most worrisome nine zip codes, if their numbers don’t improve,” the statement added.

Governor Cuomo said that if localities “do not do testing immediately in the schools” then they will be closed down by the state.