Cuomo Quits Radio Show In Disgrace

( Disgraced former CNN “news” anchor Chris Cuomo is reportedly quitting his Sirius XM radio show. Cuomo was fired by CNN over allegations of everything from sexual impropriety and harassment to using his media contacts to help his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, navigate his own accusations of sexual abuse.

In a message shared on his Twitter page, Cuomo said that the way his time ended at CNN was “hard.”

“While I have thick skin, also have a family, for whom the past week has been extraordinarily difficult,” he said.

Thick skin? Coming from the guy who claimed calling him “Fredo” was the equivalent of calling a Black American the N-word?

Come on!

Cuomo was originally suspended from CNN, but was terminated soon after his suspension, over accusations that he engaged in journalistic misconduct to help his brother as he was credibly accused of sexual abuse and harassment by roughly a dozen women. The CNN anchor reportedly coordinates with his brother’s aides to find out information about the women who credibly accused him of impropriety.

Chris Cuomo said that he intends to “take a step back and focus on what comes next,” adding that this would include no longer doing his radio show.

He claims to have received “support” from SiriusXM, and thanked his “loyal listeners.” All ten of them…

He said that while he will miss his listeners, he looks forward to being back in touch with everybody in the future.

The question now is…was Cuomo fired from SiriusXM, too? It’s not uncommon for media outlets to quietly push people out and allow those people to say that they chose to left. For an egotist like Chris Cuomo, that would obviously be the preferred option.

2021 was a bad year for the nation’s least favorite brothers.