Cruz Compares Biden To Notorious Criminals

Texas Senator Ted Cruz compared President Biden to notorious gangster Al Capone. Cruz appeared on Fox News with Larry Kudlow, who played a clip of the President’s response to a question by Republican Rep. Nancy Mace from South Carolina. The Congresswoman asked Biden about a file, allegedly held by the FBI, that implicates the President in a criminal cash-for-policy scheme.

The President responded, “Where’s the money?”

A furious Ted Cruz asked, “You know who else said that? Al Capone. You know who else said that? John Dillinger.” The Senator demanded that the President be open and transparent, and if he had nothing to hide, he would release any documents held by the FBI to prove his innocence.

Republican Reps. James Comer (KY) and Jim Jordan (OH) say they have been informed by a whistleblower that the FBI is in possession of documents containing allegations that Joe Biden took money in exchange for policy decisions and directions while he was Vice President.

Comer issued a subpoena for the document to FBI Director Christopher Wray in early May. The paper in question is an FD-1023, which the federal agency uses to record allegations or tips, but they are not proof of guilt. The desired FD-1023 in this case is one pertaining to the Biden family’s business dealings, including arrangements between Hunter Biden and the Ukrainian gas company Burisma. The younger Biden served on the company’s board and was handsomely paid despite having no experience or knowledge of the energy industry.

The FBI briefed Comer and Democratic Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin on the document’s content in a private and concealed room in Congress in June. They also supplied a redacted copy of the FD-1023. Frank Montoya, a former FBI supervisor, said the document must be redacted to protect future whistleblowers. “Who’s going to want to come in and tell you things if your identity can’t be protected?” he asked.

Comer vows to continue pursuing the non-redacted document.