Crowds Gather After Mistaking Christmas Lights For Aliens

Georgetown parent Chris Hartgraves remembers a less meaningful Christmas as a child.

He doesn’t remember any recollections of helping his dad decorate the home or anything like that. He didn’t want his daughters to forget their fun times as a family decorating the house for Christmas. Yet, he must admit that there is an element of selfishness; he also wants to create his memories.

A man from Texas always has a vast audience viewing his Christmas light display, but half this year, he thought aliens were hiding in the trees.

A gigantic Santa Claus, Christmas music, and—most importantly—13,000 lights that reach over the sky and like UFOs hang above Georgetown, a city thirty miles north of Austin—are all decorations that Chris Hartgraves put up at his property.

From Friday through Sunday, the Christmas enthusiast will spend roughly three hours flashing thousands of lights in time with festive music at fifteen-minute intervals.

Additionally, each week’s routine is different because Hartgraves uses a computer program he created for his house to choreograph and organize the performance.

Hundreds have come to see the free entertainment that Hartgraves puts on, but many more have shown up after locating what they believed to be an extraterrestrial species.
On one occasion this year, the police were summoned to his residence.

Hartgraves had to ensure he wasn’t aiming his dazzling concert lights at the planes flying above.

Hartgraves also included his wife’s and children’s voices to accompany the dancing light bulb animations.

Not only does he want to create a lot of memories for his own family, but he also wants to help the other kids in the neighborhood who come every night to dance to the music.

Families in the area may now enjoy those recollections, and many children join in the fun by dancing and singing along.

The lights are turned on nightly, according to Hartgraves. However, the light show is held from 6:30 to 9 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Hartgraves has said that to keep his performances interesting from year to year, he will keep adding new music and props.