CRAZY: Stacey Abrams Says No Mail-In Voting Means No Democracy

(PresidentialWire.Com)- Failed Democratic governor candidate for Georgia, Stacey Abrams, last week argued that failure to implement universal mail-in voting would mean democracy ceases to exist. Abrams, who has been pitching herself as the ideal VP candidate for presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for weeks, argued that mail-in voting is necessary for the November election.

Talking to Chris Hayes on MSNBC, Abrams argued the system, which leaves elections wide open to electoral fraud, is “essential.”

“We cannot move tens of millions of people through lines, without having the ability to relieve the stress through vote-by-mail,” she argued.

Abrams went on to argue that Congress should agree to spend billions of extra dollars, that the United States cannot afford at this point, to implement the vote-by-mail system. She argued it should be included as part of the next coronavirus relief package.

Incredibly, she even suggested that voting by mail is safer than regular voting, and that “voter fraud is nearly mythological.”

This statement is untrue. In the California Democratic primaries, electoral officials have already admitted there were instances of people voting twice that could be proven, and several other instances where it is suspected to have happened. In the United Kingdom, the postal voting system is a regular point of contention in elections as the vast majority of votes cast via the system are for the left-wing Labour Party.

“You are more likely to be struck by lightning than for there to be an incident of voting fraud,” she said. “That’s because most people aren’t trying to vote twice or three times. They’re trying to vote once.”

Abrams also failed to mention the fact that vote-by-mail allows for ballot stuffing, a practice whereby Democratic Party officials and campaigners go door-to-door to pick up mail-in ballots and drop them off at election counts. There is no way of electoral officials determining that the ballot was filled in by the person who it was intended for, however, and there is no way of knowing whether campaigners edited the ballots before handing them in.

Despite the likelihood of such a voting system creating voter frauds, a majority of the American people currently endorse the implementation of the system, according to polls from Monmouth, Harvard-Harris, and more.