CPA Reveals Plan To Reinstate Donald Trump By Replacing Kamala Harris

( Former President Donald Trump has previously hinted at the possibility of being reinstated as the President of the United States, as speculation grows that the results of an ongoing forensic election audit in Arizona could reveal that fraud and misconduct played a significant role in determining the results of the last election.

Until now, it hasn’t been particularly clear how the former president could be reinstated, even if the fraud can be proven. However, a grown known as “Patriots SOAR” has reportedly begun circulating a seven-stop process of getting Trump back in the White House.

Forbes reported on Friday how the group was handing out a “Trump Card” to attendees of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas over the weekend which detailed how Trump can be reinstated as the president within “days, not years.”

You can see the full details from the card and the leaflets that were distributed with it by clicking here.

The first step, according to the card, is to “pull back the curtain” on the horror show of the Democratic Party. The second step is to see a trusted conservative elected as the Speaker of the House, finally revealing the suppressed results of investigations already performed into election fraud and misconduct.

According to the card, the third step is to “correct the official record” and reveal that Trump legitimately won the last election.

At this point, the Speaker of The House would draft Articles of Impeachment for both President Joe Biden and Vice President Joe Biden.

The next step would be to install Donald J. Trump into the line of Presidential succession by making him the House Speaker – something that Republicans can do, even if he is not an elected member of Congress.

Finally, the seventh step would be to impeach Biden and Harris, electing Donald Trump as President of the United States.

The process is sound, and it all technically works, but it would require Democrats to get on board with the impeachment. Without Democrat votes in the Senate it would be impossible to impeach Biden and Harris, even if the audits prove that they are illegitimate.

At this point, it seems like the Democrats will ignore any new evidence just as they’ve ignored existing evidence.

Nonetheless, it’s a great theory!