Cow Tragedy With Missing Tongues Leads To Major Disturbance

Authorities in east-central Texas are looking into the deaths and mutilations of six cows whose tongues were found to have been “completely removed” from their mouths beside a state roadway.

On Wednesday, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office released a statement saying that ranchers in the area reported finding a longhorn-cross, approximately six years old, on her side, dead and mangled.

A clean and straight precision cut was made to strip the hide on one side of the cow’s cheek, and the tongue was amputated “with no blood spill,” as the sheriff’s office reported.

While investigating the death of the longhorn-cross, authorities discovered five other cows in identical conditions. According to authorities, each cow was from a separate herd and pasture, and they were all scattered along the state highway in Robertson and Brazos counties.

A precision cut was also performed around the anus and external genitalia of two of the cows. The sheriff’s office said the cut was performed with the same preciseness as the cuts noted on the face of the other cows.

According to authorities, the area around the cows showed no traces of a struggle or blood leak, and there were no wheel tracks or footprints.

The sheriff’s department notes “multiple similar incidents” in the United States and shares information with other law enforcement organizations.

The sheriff’s office released a statement asking for help determining what killed six cows.

In Brazos and Robertson counties, ranchers reported five similar incidents involving four adult cows and one yearling. 

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In many ways, the investigation into the cattle’s disappearance mirrors the plot of an episode of “The X-Files.”