Convicted Criminal Wages War On Mustard Company

David Lettieri, an inmate at the Northeast Ohio Correctional Center, has initiated a civil lawsuit against Four-In-One condiment company. He alleges the company’s mustard product doesn’t provide adequate nutritional details, particularly concerning its calorie and carbohydrate content. Lettieri is seeking $450,000 in damages.

According to Lettieri, the ingredients listed for “Salad Fresh Four In One Mustard” include distilled vinegar, paprika, mustard seed, turmeric, salt, unspecified spices, and flavoring. In his complaint to the Federal Court of the Northern District of Ohio, he expresses uncertainty over some ingredients, including turmeric.

He believes that mustard seeds contain calories due to some carbohydrates and notes that salt is a sodium source, which is relevant for dietary considerations.

Lettieri’s history is not without controversy. He awaits sentencing for enticement of a minor – a serious charge with a minimum penalty of 10 years. He was arrested in October 2020 for attempting to meet a minor in New York for inappropriate intentions, though no physical contact occurred. The minor’s parents alerted the authorities about this encounter.

Furthermore, records indicate that since his arrest, Lettieri has lodged multiple lawsuits, most against federal agents and contesting his detention. He often represents himself in these cases. A document cites Lettieri’s November request for a charge dismissal or conversion. District Judge Lawrence J. Vilardo warned Lettieri against making continuous filings, hinting at possible sanctions.

Lettieri was found guilty of the federal charge in June. The incident involved him traveling from Harpursville, New York, to Bliss in Wyoming County, New York, intending to engage inappropriately with a minor.

Investigations into a 13-year-old girl’s phone showed she had been communicating with David Lettieri for around three to four weeks, mainly using Facebook Messenger. During their exchanges, Lettieri solicited explicit photos from the minor. Investigators also found images of a then-33-year-old Lettieri on the girl’s device.

Documents show the chats between Lettieri, the young girl, and her underage sibling contained explicit content. The girl’s age was mentioned in these conversations. A record of calls between the two was discovered on the day they arranged to meet in the park.

Upon his arrest on Nov. 4, Lettieri chose not to exercise his Miranda rights and spoke to FBI agents. He acknowledged knowing the girl’s age and discussing plans to meet her. Court documents indicate he confessed to communicating intentions to meet and engage in inappropriate relations.
However, he later tried to justify his choices by suggesting he wanted to advise the minor against such online interactions, comparing his intended role to a “good Samaritan.”