Congressman Scott Perry Reportedly Asked Donald Trump For A Pardon

( Following Representative Liz Cheney’s comments about Representative Scott Perry during the first hearing of the House committee, there have been questions raised about which GOP members of Congress allegedly asked President Donald Trump for presidential pardons over their role in the attack on January 6.

On Thursday, Cheney, who serves as the panel’s vice-chairman, stated that Perry and “several other Republican congressmen” had requested presidential pardons for their participation in the effort to invalidate the results of the 2020 election.

The panel asked Perry and four other sitting Republican members for testimony, but all of them have declined to participate in the investigation.

The committee wanted to talk to the congressman from Pennsylvania about his role in the attempt to install a pro-Donald Trump official at the Department of Justice, Jeffrey Clark, as attorney general. Clark would be willing to back the former president’s claims that the most recent election was rigged. The committee wanted to talk to the congressman about his role in the matter.

Jay Ostrich, a spokeswoman for Perry, referred to the claims brought out by Cheney as “a stupid and despicable falsehood.”

Cheney did not name the other Republican members who she claims requested presidential pardons, but there have been rumors about who some of these individuals could be.

CNN reported in January 2021 that Representatives Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks, and Paul Gosar had asked former President Trump for pardons following the events of January 6, but that Trump had ultimately declined their request. Biggs and Brooks were both subpoenaed by the committee along with Perry.

The House Committee sent a letter to Biggs requesting information in May. It informed the Arizona congressman that a former White House personnel mentioned his name as being part of efforts by some Republicans to seek presidential pardons in the wake of January 6.

According to a claim that appeared in Rolling Stone in October 2021, Gosar had reportedly promised “blanket pardons” to individuals who had organized the peaceful election demonstrations that took place on January 6, which came before the attack on the Capitol.