Congressman Says General Should Face Execution

( Well…this is interesting. A Republican congressional candidate just suggested that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Mark Milley, should be executed.

It’s hard to ignore the many failures of Milley, but execution? Yikes.

During a discussion on Facebook Live on December 7, Malgeri appeared to suggest that Milley should be executed, and it should be aired on CNN.

Malgeri, who was speaking to the conservative organization Veterans in Politics, said that there doesn’t need to be a congressional committee to investigate alleged crimes committed by Milley.

“All the evidence is out there,” he said.

“What did they used to do to traitors if they were convicted by a court? They would execute them. That’s still the law in the United States of America. I think, you know, if he’s guilty of it by a court-martial, they should hang him on CNN. I mean, they’re not going to do it on CNN. But on C-SPAN or something,” he added.


Malgari is a candidate in the Republican primary in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional district, meaning he isn’t the party candidate yet, but could be.

Malgeri is not alone in accusing Milley of treason. It was revealed in Bob Woodward’s bombshell book “Peril” that Milley went behind President Donald Trump’s back and told China that the president had no intention of striking the country with a missile – a move that undermined the president and the United States.

That’s a big deal, but perhaps Republican candidates should stop short of recommending execution…