Confessed ‘Crazy Plane Lady’ Teases Future Project

Along with her public apologies for her “that motherf-er is not real” outburst on an American Airlines aircraft, “crazy plane woman” Tiffany Gomas has undertaken a comprehensive rebranding push.

The Texas-based marketing expert restored the social media profiles she deleted after her flying freakout and started a new site under her name. The website only displays her two-minute video apology, in which she admits her moniker, “the crazy plane lady,” is appropriate. The words “Stay Tuned” appear in a stark white typeface on a black backdrop in the linked video. It was unclear when or what Gomas was prepared to reveal. After the video, though, she invited viewers to “Join me on my path of supporting healthy mental health and standing up against cyberbullying.”

Gomas has been active on social media again, using sites like Instagram and YouTube in addition to X (previously Twitter). Several notable podcasters, anti-bullying and mental health groups, and a sprinkling of media sites are among the 16 meticulously selected accounts that UpperCut Marketing’s founder follows on X.

Gomas apologized for her erratic behavior in a video she posted on YouTube on Sunday. Her conduct on July 2 was “absolutely inappropriate,” and she expressed a desire to take “full responsibility for my actions.”

After her public apology, Gomas said she plans to utilize what she has learned to do good in the world. She is asking for your forgiveness in the hopes that she may continue her life.

Gomas said the event on the aircraft caused her life to “blow up,” and she asked the public not to “judge” her. She said “so much” of the narrative was false, but she wouldn’t specify what parts.

A video has gone viral showing Gomas, a passenger from Dallas to Orlando, storming to the front of the aircraft and announcing that she is leaving the flight because “that motherf-er back there is not real.”