Company That Creates Feminizing Drug Funds Movie Targeting Children

( A new film for children that promotes the transgender movement counts among its sponsors the pharmaceutical company Bayer, a producer of drugs used to feminize men who claim to be women.

According to the makers of “Mama has a Mustache,” the film is “driven completely by audio interviews” with children between the ages of 5 and 10. It explores “how children are able to experience a world outside of the traditional gender binary.”

Director Sally Rubin, a professor at Chapman University, said the film addresses how children, “many of whom embrace this gender nonbinary,” view their gender and the gender of their parents. Rubin said the film confronts the way “children of nonbinary people” can be “freed up to express themselves” in new ways.

Rubin admits that the film is designed for parents, teachers, and children to help them talk about gender in the home and the classroom.

The film was made in conjunction with Max Strebel, the director of animation, and Stacy Goldate, who co-produced and edited the film. Rubin, Strebel, and Goldate all identify as “queer” or “nonbinary.”

While “Mama has a Mustache” has several sponsors, the one that stands out is Bayer.

Bayer produces cyproterone acetate, an anti-androgen used to feminize men who think they are women.

One of the anti-androgen drugs Bayer creates is Diane-35ED, which also includes ethinylestradiol which is used by men who attempt to grow breasts to look more feminine.

Pharmaceutical companies bankrolling endeavors that would help boost the sale of their drugs is not unheard of.

AbbVie Pharmaceuticals was a sponsor of the GenderCool Project which seeks to secure high-profile media appearances for youth who identify as “transgender.” It was through the GenderCool Project that so-called trans children secured interviews on NBC’s Today Show. Activists from the group also met with President Biden at the White House, even getting to speak at the presidential podium.