CNN’s Don Lemon Calls For Consequences For Trump Supporters

( Monday, CNN host Don Lemon decided to talk about reality.

Stop and marvel at that irony.

Lemon, during the on-air handoff from Chris Cuomo’s show to his own, said that Trump supporters were not grounded in reality and they should have to face consequences for the damage Lemon thinks they do to “our democracy.”

And what is this “damage?”

Well, some Trump supporters believe the 2020 election was filled with voter fraud, and that Joe Biden didn’t really win.

Lemon actually claimed that there is only one political party in America “that is working on reality.” And that party, according to Don Lemon is the Democrat Party.

Sure, Jan.

The Democrat Party that peddled the RussiaGate hoax for four years is the party grounded in reality.

The Democrat Party that thinks men can get pregnant is the party of reality.

The Democrat Party that believes a 3-hour melee at the Capitol on January 6 was an “insurrection” and the “worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War” are actually the realists in Don Lemon’s alternate reality.

But Don wants us to believe that pointing out that relying so heavily on mail-in voting while simultaneously removing every single safeguard in place to secure the integrity of the vote makes you delusional and dangerous.

Lemon goes on to accuse Trump supporters of being the “fringe.” It’s difficult to be the “fringe” when Trump supporters make up half the country (probably more than half by this point). Then again, Don Lemon isn’t grounded in reality.

But the most laughable thing Don said in his silly screed has to be when he told Republicans that if they care about the country, they have to “get on the Democrat side to get your party in order.”


So the only way to save the Republican Party, is for Republicans to be like Democrats? Does he even listen to himself?

There’s a reason CNN’s ratings are in the toilet. If Don Lemon actually lived in reality, maybe even he could figure out why.