CNN’s Chris Cuomo Says Trump is “VIOLATING” Children

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( CNN host Chris Cuomo, who once upon a time said that he doesn’t like working in hyper-partisan media but is still inexplicably working at CNN, said this week that President Donald Trump is “violating” children with his comments about the Chinese coronavirus.

Cuomo said that President Trump was preparing children to “expose” their children to the virus by advocating for the reopening of schools, despite the Centers for Disease Control making exactly the same recommendation.

The far-left CNN anchor was referencing a recent interview in which the president claimed that children are “almost immune” from the virus, pointing to the fact that very few children have died from the virus and are much less likely to exhibit serious symptoms than adults.

“Their immune systems are very, very strong,” the president said. “They’re very powerful, and they, they seem to be able to handle it very well, and that’s according to every statistic.”

When the president posted the video of him making the comments on Twitter, he was banned from posting on the platform until he deleted the Tweet. Facebook also removed the post, claiming that the president was violating their policies against COVID misinformation.

Cuomo ignored the fact that the CDC and all other health authorities have confirmed that children face an extremely small risk of contracting or exhibiting serious symptoms from the virus, going on a television rant about how the president was lying.

He wasn’t.

“Why would he lie to you about it? Why would he put you in the position to expose your kid that way?” Cuomo asked.

If he really wants an answer, then it’s a fairly simple one. It’s because children are much less likely to experience severe symptoms from the virus and need to get back to school.

“Facebook removed one of his videos from his personal page because of what he said on State TV this morning, making these same BS claims that kid are almost immune, because it violates their harmful COVID misinformation policy,” he added, pretending that Facebook is some kind of arbiter of truth when it comes to scientific facts.

“How is he able to live up to the standard that we demand right now?” Cuomo barked.

Let’s be honest. Nobody, not even leftists, can live up to the insane standard far-left ideologues require of people these days.