CNN Star Says “I’m Out Of Ideas For What To Do About Joe Rogan”

( Two weeks ago, after podcaster Joe Rogan slammed the media for the “political hit job” smearing him as a racist, CNN host Alisyn Camerota declared that she was “officially out of ideas” on what to do about Joe Rogan.

What makes Camerota think she has to do anything about Joe Rogan?

She’s a television newsreader, not Joe Rogan’s mother. It isn’t up to her or anyone else to do anything about Joe Rogan. Her only two choices are to either listen to his podcast or ignore him. That’s it. Those are the only choices she needs.

But since the on-air personalities at CNN are activists rather than journalists, those two choices will never occur to Alisyn Camerota.

Camerota’s co-anchor Victor Blackwell pretended to be confused how Rogan could call this a “political hit job” when Rogan acknowledges those cherry-picked clips were already out there for anyone to hear.

When activists on a mission to drive Rogan off the air scour through old shows and select out-of-context clips and string them all together to create the narrative that Rogan is a racist, then, yes, it is a political hit job.

This isn’t rocket science. So either Blackwell is pretending to be stupid or he is stupid.

But the equally stupid Camerota slammed Rogan for his lack of personal responsibility, which is kind of hilarious coming from anyone who works at CNN.

Camerota, who has probably never watched a full episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” concludes that rather than take responsibility for offering medical advice, Joe Rogan is basically saying people shouldn’t be dumb enough to take his medical advice.

If Camerota watched his podcast, she would know her assessment is flat-out false.

Blackwell noted that Rogan’s so-called “COVID misinformation” is different from his so-called “racism,” and argued that it isn’t that they want Joe Rogan canceled. They just want him to face accountability.

What kind of accountability, short of losing his podcast, does Blackwell have in mind?

Well, Blackwell doesn’t say.