CNN Star Attacks the Mother of Hunter Biden’s Lovechild

CNN host Jake Tapper alleged that Lunden Alexis Roberts, the woman with whom Hunter Biden fathered a child and subsequently left, had connections to the “far right.” Tapper, who faced a decline in ratings resulting in his removal from prime time last year, justified his statement by pointing out that Roberts had enlisted the support of a former Donald Trump aide as an expert witness in her lawsuit against Biden.

Tapper mentioned, “In the interest of fairness, it should be noted that [the child’s] mother, who had the encounter with Hunter… has been associated with some individuals from the far-right camp, such as Garrett Ziegler.”

Garrett Ziegler, who previously worked under Trump advisor Peter Navarro, released a comprehensive report on Biden’s abandoned laptop comprising 600 pages. According to the Washington Free Beacon, when Roberts collaborated with Ziegler in May, Biden’s legal team expressed concerns about Navarro’s testimony and tried to disqualify and discredit him so he could not be used as an expert witness.

In his child support dispute, Hunter Biden actively sought to prevent the inclusion of testimony regarding his laptop, arguing that it was “irrelevant” due to its abandonment in 2019 and the outdated financial records it contained. 

These details were revealed in a court motion that was unsealed recently. Despite not contesting the legitimacy of the records on the laptop, Biden’s legal team remains somewhat evasive about confirming whether the laptop belongs to him. Attorneys argued that any income on the laptop would be old information irrelevant to the case. 

Biden and Roberts have since resolved their lawsuit through a settlement.

President Joe Biden has chosen not to publicly acknowledge Roberts’s child as one of his grandchildren, which has drawn criticism from liberals and conservatives. In a New York Times column, Maureen Dowd criticized Biden for displaying a “cold shoulder—and heart” by failing to recognize his seventh grandchild.

Dowd further wrote, “Joe Biden’s lifelong mantra has always emphasized that ‘the absolute most important thing is your family.’ He undermines that principle by callously disregarding [his granddaughter’s] existence and impact on her life during this critical period.”