CNN Staff FIRED After “Zero Tolerance” Policy

( Far-left “news” network CNN has jumped on the mandatory vaccine trend, reportedly firing three employees who came into their offices without being vaccinated. It was a violation of the network’s policy that said only employees who have taken the experimental COVID-19 vaccine can return to work in person.

A memo sent by CNN president Jeff Zucker to all employees was obtained and reported by the New York Times. In it, he said that all people – “from news, sports and studios” – who come into the offices must be vaccinated. He added that the network has been clear about the rule for months and that there should be no confusion about it.

Zucker continued that he had been made aware of three employees who continued coming into the office without being vaccinated and that they have been terminated as a result.

He insisted that the network has a “zero-tolerance policy” on the matter.

CNN contributing to America’s joblessness problem…real classy.

It’s just one of the first examples of a major American company bending to the demands of the Biden administration, which is currently pressuring business leaders to start implementing vaccine mandates and firing people who turn up to work without taking the vaccine.

It means that the President of the United States is literally telling businesses to fire employees. Surely that has to be a world first?

The memo from CNN president Jeff Zucker also revealed that the company is shifting from its initial position of trusting all employees to get vaccinated. Instead, employees will now be required to present proof that they have had the vaccine. In order to obtain their WarnerMedia Passcard, which allows people to enter the building, they will have to submit a legitimate vaccination card that proves their COVID vaccine status.

Just how many CNN employees are about to get laid off after they fail to produce a vaccine card for the weeks and months they have been turning up to their offices?